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青 519 Scriptorium
Squirrel Assault Feng Wuu Posse
Alright, I've come to a decision with the tarot deck. I'm going to offer five proto-types of the tarot deck, to see how it looks, how well its received and to figure out what I need to change on it to make it better received on a whole. So this is what I'm going to do for starters, this is the listing on my site:



Sepia Stains Tarot Card Deck

This is a limited edition proto-type version of my Sepia Stains tarot deck. This deck is being printed locally and will be put together and polished off by me. It will come in its own decorated wooden case with a certificate noting which number (of the five) it is, that it is a limited edition item and have my signature. I will include four 5x7 inch metallic prints of the tarot deck art, the buyer can select the four pieces of art from the deck they want.

The deck is going through the final stages of print preparation. This is an item that will not be available right away. I'm not sure how long the printing process will take or how long it will take to put it together and polish it off for delivery. I want to be very clear about that so you're not expecting the deck next week. The turn around time will be reasonable though.

These decks will have all the bells and whistles of a hand made item. Even if the deck is published by an outside publisher down the line, any of the decks that are printed by me will be unique and limited edition styles. Besides the standard ones being sold here, there is also a miniature version of the deck I'm selling in very small numbers as a novelty.

Three are being sold through my site, and two of the decks are being sold through the etsy store, in case you find them sold out on my site: http://ettadiem.etsy.com

To view examples of the deck, please look here:


If the deck does well this way and the final product looks good, depending on what was involved in creating it, I may sell more like this. I want the decks I create myself to be special though, and be a quality that is not mass produced or easy to come by. I have more items to put up today for sale. I have quite a few new things ready to go. Feedback is always appreciated. Right now, as it tends to be in summer, sales are down. I get requests for things, but not a lot of follow up. I'm also a bad judge of what of my work should be available and in what size or style. So I welcome suggestions.
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Detail from the painting's rough draft phase...

"The red dragon's native tongue was fire and for every soft and seductive word he spoke to his concubines each carried a small burn. His poetry had stripped the supple skin from the first lover's lower back, all along the line where he whispered his thoughtful words. His quiet love songs sung for the benefit of the moonlight left rippling scars along the neckline of his second lover. Each concubine over looked the pain and abuse their skin suffered, a small sacrifice each was willing to make to allow their dragon his seduction." --The Red Dragon, (c)Bethalynne Bajema, all rights reserved.
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Cabaret Dancer Sketch

"The Pearl Cabaret always had the very best performers in all of the territories. There was nothing exotic enough for their human zoo. There was no act so perilous that it couldn't be given the benefit of at least one performance. Some remarked that all the dancers needed was a collar and a tag to show them off for the trained animals that they were. Any one of the dancers could have directed you to the strange bar code on the back of their necks to illustrate that they were indeed collared and the cabaret owners did indeed view them as specialized livestock. Despite the popular opinion of how crude and unconscionable this was, it seldom stopped anyone from sneaking into the club to see all the rumored things that caused such controversy. The Pearl Cabaret was the busiest club that everyone proclaimed they never visited..." from OE519

I put this up on my site a few days ago, forgot to include it over here. I'm trying to decide what scene to put her in.

The Scriptorium
(c)2009 Bajema

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The Bajema Monster Doodle Industrial Machine
The great and mighty Bajema Monster Doodle Industrial Machine has slowly creaked into broken and rusty life. It sits at the edge of the great industrial bed and stretches its antique and mighty arms as it yawns towards the new morning red sky. Its fierce and talented fingers all wiggle and biggle into life and reach for the quill and ink bottle as it prepares to squiggle life over the surface of a beautifully blank piece of paper. Are you prepared to sacrifice an idea to the mighty doodle industrial machine and see what Fate spits back at you? To find out how, follow this link!

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This is a commissioned portrait of
Melora of Rasputina fame.
It didn't work out
for her album cover
art but she did allow
me to include it in
my Sepia Stains Tarot deck.

This is a quick and direct portfolio of my work.

Our 1000 Markets store is finally online
and ready to go through.
For anyone who so wishes
to check out new stuffs we have...

copyright 2009 Bethalynne Bajema

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I'm home from the hospital. Thank you kindly for all the emails and warm wishes. I'm getting caught up on my mail. In the meantime, another little sample from my second Bajema's Web Collections: Harpo and Test, top hat dancers from the Soiled Doves Cabaret.

The Soiled Doves Cabaret, the Top Hat Tarts Revue

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I've been griping about this is my private journal, but just for the record after an ER visit on Monday, I was admitted into a GR hospital, under the name you know me by. I'm not dying, but my health has been in a far better state at other times. I'm hoping for the best, after a lot of whining, and getting beyond being scared. In the meantime, tonight my lover came to visit me baring gifts in the form of cute, squishy and soft cthulhu-like pet. I've given him the same name as one in this painting of his below... sadly not pictured in these particular samples. Myke's work is quite incredible and meshes the good steampunk fashion with our love of all that is Lovecraft and adventure intermingling. His works are all 100% hand painted in a traditional fashion. The giclees he offers from these paintings are worth every cent if not more -if I could just get him to bend to my price nagging ;) Anyhoo, since I have nothing to put up just yet, please take a look at his work.

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Some new art, samples from my second Bajema's Web Collection, and new prints for sale... and what have you been up to?

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Courtesy is a dying art form. This makes me sad.

"The vorpal blade went snicker-snack! He left it dead,
and with its head he went galumphing back."

I had been told rumors but I thought they were just over-reacting. But as it turns out, they were not. Fuzzy pelt & cartoon totem worshipers be damned. Sad sad state of affairs when someone cannot just be honest and say it to your face. Ah well, have you seen my finger paintings? It's their loss. Truly, their loss.

But not for you! This cryptic and strange wayward post is just to say that a few new things have been popped into the shop: http://ettadiem.etsy.com

Thank you for passing through! Oh! And on a happy note, to the left is the nearly final draft for my tarot card set. I've begun my publisher solicitors this week.
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This is a hand detailed giclee print of my Sepia Stains portrait. Normally $240.00, and will be available for $130.00 plus shipping for the next three days only.
Brushing up on my water coloring skills. These are new water colors of old character drawings...

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This entry was originally posted on the Scriptorium. You can comment here or there.

Myke and I are taking part in a group art show where we were sent simple wooden birdhouses and given the directions to decorate them in any way we saw fit. Mine is only half way done, but I'm liking it so far. It came as a simple one story house. I've given it some new levels and plucked a very unique bird to tend it...

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From these little illustrations of mine I've begun
creating matching charms. My first attempt came to be this charm here:

Not too bad for a first attempt if I do say so myself. I will making more...

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I temporarily deleted my personal journal (the "bajema" one) while I go through it and clean it up a bit. I've got a decade of entries on there where my level of personal entries goes up and down. I'd like to make a great deal of it private so I'm just taking it down for a spell while I do that editing. So no worries, it's not some drama-laden hand stapled to forehead "woe is me I must delete my journal now beg me to come back!" type thing. I just feel like being a bit more private with my personal life and would like to quietly edit it for those items. For anyone who happens to be concerned, it will be back up in a week or so. There is always this one for art and my blog on my site for more art and info.
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Dark Valentines for your dark lovely...

Follow link above for details and purchase in my store. Or...
For etsy users: the listing can be found here.

A closer look at the cards...
The main bathroom in our house is covered in wallpaper that is a collage of old drawn advertisements. Most of them are for Pears Soap and a variety of ridiculous items that make silly claims based on the fact that they're electric. Like the electric hair brush that claimed it could heal most hair loss issues. A balding man need only run the electric brush over his hair and feel the hair molecules stimulated into fresh growth. I wonder how many people died from electrical shock in the old days. I took some of the old ink adverts and revamped them a little for two of the four valentines cards and my business cards.

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Current Music: Rasputina - Frustration Plantation

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